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Alien Superstar

After a short break, your favorite Alien Party is BACK FOR MORE!!!!

ALIENSUPERSTAR is excited to throw another party off this planet 📡 and this one will be extra special for the ones missing the heat and CARNAVAL 🇧🇷

Our residents DJ Hud 

About Blend XL

A spacious bar with weekly sexy & fun entertainment and great music.

We are open to all genders, in harmony and respect for all sexualities. A place to be seen and where you can be who you want to be. Glittery yet sober, groovy yet glamorous, gay oriented but open to everybody who can appreciate some good old sophistication, fashion and party time.

In a cozy atmosphere, you will enjoy your drinks, meet new people, see old friends in a stunning venue with a fun mix of music that will make your night a unique experience.

We accept Reservation for special celebrations such as small birthday parties, or bigger events. For group reservations of minimum 8 people, parties and other events, please use our online reservation form or you can send us an email if you need any extra information before making your request.

For smaller groups you don't need to book a table, you can come freely at any time at BLEND XL.

Alien Superstar
Bar/CaféElectronic MusicPop & Eclectic Music
Sat 30/03
Sun 31/03
Bar Blend XL, Amsterdam

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