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Apoqalypse x Slachthuis


Announced! This april 26th we're celebrating the 1 year anniversary of joy, queerness and self expression. This time it's bigger than ever before with multiple DJ's, performers and stands!

Meet the DJs of ApoQalypse!

Apart from the DJs, this year there will be three different stands where you can spend your money on amazing clothing pieces or delicious food!

Don't have a cunty outfit for the party, or just want to expand your closet? You can find the most stunning and vintage pieces at the stand of CLUB MISSY right at Apoqalypse. This store is run by a stunning girl with a passion for fashion who wants to make a change by helping to eradicate fast fashion.

Looking for performance and fetish wear? Then you have to visit the stand of Excluse Design! A brand new queer-owned small business working with only leather scraps from fast fashion, battling the waste of fast fashion by reusing and reinventing completely new accessories.

Are you a snack looking for a snack? Then you should definitely have a bite at Crepeswithfeelings. After moving to the Netherlands for study, this queer boy needed a way to make some extra cash to survive. Usually feeding crepes to all the hungry students at the university, but now at Apocalypse!

Now let's meet the performer!

Be part of the legacy we're building together; get your tickets now!

Artwork from: @jiyar.eli

Apoqalypse x Slachthuis
Club/NightlifeElectronic Music
Fri 26/04
Sat 27/04
Hall of Fame, Tilburg

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