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BIPOC Poetry Circle + House of Jungle


This year you can once again expect Queer & Pride throughout the month of July. We will kick off on July 3rd and end with a final party on August 3rd. Also this year you can expect many community events, with no less than 9 Queer HUBS throughout Amsterdam, and Treehouse NDSM is one of them! Queer HUBS are community based events: for, by and with the LGBTQIAP+ community. On Monday, July 15th we open the doors at  Treehouse NDSM. Countless activities can be expected, from exhibitions to workshops, from poetry to community parties. 


18h-19h30 | We kick off with the BIPOC Poetry Circle, a BIPOC LGBTQIAP+ Collective dedicated in telling stories and narratives from the marginalised groups. 

20h-00h | Go wild to Ampiano music by House of Jungle, a homegrown black queer collective.  

BIPOC Poetry Circle + House of Jungle
Art/CulturePoetry & Spoken WordStorytellingLive Music
Tue 16/07
18:00 - 23:59
Treehouse NDSM, Amsterdam

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