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Bulletin Board - QUEERHOUSE

BULLETIN BOARD is an exhibition that invites artists and non-artists alike to contemplate the notion of community building and displays of queerness. How can we facilitate community building through art? How do we define an artist? A writer? A performer? Queerness? What does a contemporary community bulletin board look like? Whose needs can it serve? What can be offered? ANd how does a growing installation influence our own perceptions of individual artists’ works?

In an attempt at answering these questions, BULLETIN BOARD will present a dual sided expography. On one side of the wall, artworks by selected artists; on the other side, visitors will be encouraged to tack on to the show their own thoughts, artworks, considerations, and creative outbursts.

No registration required - just show up during opening hours!

Bulletin Board - QUEERHOUSE
Tue 16/07
Wed 17/07
Treehouse NDSM, Amsterdam

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