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BUTTS: Queer Night

XXL Pink Saturday honey! On the 22nd of June we’re making OOST the beaming centre of queer excellence. We’re shaking it to the fantastic duo FAFF and our residents, as well as adding a laid back area; the pink room. Visuals in both rooms by Vuilmasker and Pharfetchd. To boot: an irresistable catwalk setup hosted by our drag performers and dancers, who will welcome you to show your most extra self with dashing moves. Of course, that means another dance workshop incoming!

We’re talking XXL in every sense of the word, we’re talking last BUTTS of the season, we’re talking show up and shout it loud!

BUTTS: Queer Night
Club/NightlifeElectronic MusicQueerPerformance
Sat 22/06
Sun 23/06
OOST, Groningen

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