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Club Nights

Don't miss out on an exciting weekend at the club!

Friday, May 17th:

  • Performances by @dinakhashan,, and @nellydragon.
  • Presale tickets are sold out, but you can still purchase tickets at the door for €21.

Saturday, May 18th:

  • Studio: @mariemalarie, @na_one_, and @131bpm.
  • Boutique: @lola_edo.
  • Presale tickets are available on the club's website, and door tickets will also be available.

Doors open at 23:00 both nights, with entry until 04:00.

Mark your calendars and enjoy a fantastic weekend at the club!

Club Nights
Club/NightlifeElectronic Music
Fri 17/05
Sat 18/05
Club Raum, Amsterdam

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