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Club Raum

Club RAUM will never be completed and we want to stay in continual movement, shaping the physical space as well as the programming as we go.

After all RAUM wasn’t built in a day.

July Programme

Overview: A highly anticipated programme for July has been announced, showcasing a diverse lineup of both local and international artists. The event will take place over four weekends, featuring a variety of performances that promise unique and memorable experiences for attendees. Highlights include a secret appearance from two vinyl icons at QT Sundays, a farewell performance from Audelà, and sets from notable artists like Tafkamp, Afra, and CEM.

Ticket Information: Tickets for the weekend events will be available starting tomorrow, June 19th, at 12:00 (noon) via the event's shop page. Additionally, a significant number of tickets will be available at the door for each weekend.

Event Schedule:

July 6

  • @__kimmah
  • @thelazergazer
  • @l_y_d_o

July 7

  • Surprise b2b set by vinyl icons
  • @jenniferrloveless
  • @kyrakhaldi

July 12

  • @dj_europarking
  • @twiena

July 13

  • @cemdukkha
  • @nathanhoman.tozo
  • @niks_bad

July 19

  • @afra
  • @tafkamp

July 20

  • @luxe____________
  • @nes8ka
  • @vuuur

July 26

  • @meliskoke
  • @raeza_xx

July 27

  • @cormacmusic
  • @mezmonty
  • @roi_perez_

Additional Features:

  • Boutique curated by @navalhacollective
  • Special appearances by @djcaioprince and @clementaum

Note: The event kicks off with QT Sundays, starting with a bougie brunch followed by back-to-back sets from the vinyl icons. This exciting lineup ensures a month filled with extraordinary music and unforgettable moments for all attendees.

Club Raum
Club/NightlifeElectronic Music
Fri 12/07
Sun 14/07
Club Raum, Amsterdam

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