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Curva's One Woman Show

And the first weekend of April is all about @curvalicious_diamond ! Because on Saturday, April 6th, she takes the stage for her first one-woman show! 🌟

This evening is dedicated to the Divas of yesteryears... Get ready to sing along with all the fantastic acts by Curva! But wait, there's more! Curva has some hysterical games in store for you, and you also get to sing along during the karaoke round! 🎶

You don't want to miss this. Saturday, April 6th, starting from 9 PM!

#CurvaShow #DivaNight #KaraokeFun

Curva's One Woman Show
Bar/CaféDragCabaret & Comedy
Sat 06/04
21:00 - 01:00
Dorothy’s Dragbar, Groningen

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