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Drag Dinnershow Rotterdam

Enjoy live drag queens during the intimate, cozy, and hilarious Drag Dinner Show Rotterdam. With a maximum of 45 guests per show, the roof comes off. We have a new show with a new menu every three months!

During this fantastic night out, you will enjoy a delicious 3-course choice menu and be served an amazing drag show. The presentation is in the hands of Ynel Regalo, "Miss Travestie Holland 2019". In addition to her, 2 extra queens will perform per show from the rotating cast of top drag queens!

Check check the ticket link for opening hours and availability.

The location: Right next to Rotterdam Central Station.

Dinner show with 3 drag queens from a rotating cast Presentation by Ynel Regalo "Miss Travestie Holland 2019"

Delicious 3-course menu (meat, fish or vegetarian)
Excluding drinks

Drag Dinnershow Rotterdam
Show/ConcertDragCabaret & ComedyFood & Cuisine
Sat 13/07
19:00 - 23:00
VINN, Rotterdam

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