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Drag-My-Vision 2024

Salvia Arts organizes Drag-My-Vision since 2020. At the time, the actual Eurovision Song Contest was cancelled and therefore they created their own dragged up version. Because live performances were not possible in these lockdown times, the contestants made a music video at home.

Ever since that first edition the bar has been raised. A lot of high-quality music videos have been entered this year again. And as well as last year, everyone can enjoy these beautiful music videos on the big screen at Natlab.

This year 13 countries will be represented by 13 talented drag performers from all over the country. Songs famous (or infamous) from the Eurovision Song Contest will be seen performed in original ways after which a professional jury will give their scores and the best queen will be crowned. In between the videos, the contesters will share their inspirations and give you the juice on the making of their video.


19:00 Red carpet moment

20:00 Start show in Podiumzaal

Drag-My-Vision 2024
Fri 03/05
19:00 - 22:00
Natlab, Eindhoven

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