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Drag Queen Bingo - Pride Alkmaar

Drag Queen Bingo

Event Details:

  • Date: May 18, 2024, 19:30 – 23:00
  • Location: Alkmaars Koffiehuis
  • Categories: Party

The spectacular hit of Drag Queen Bingo at Alkmaars Koffiehuis in celebration of Alkmaar Pride 2024.

Miss Siza Matters will be the hostess for the evening. She will host this Bingo night in her own extraordinary way.

Who knows what kind of crazy prizes you will win or what kind of penalty you will receive for a wrong bingo.

Bingo cards are sold for €2.50 each.

Drag Queen Bingo - Pride Alkmaar
Sat 18/05
19:30 - 23:00
Alkmaars Koffiehuis, Alkmaar

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