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Dungeons&Dragons @ The Hang Out 010

Libertas, the Escape from Daegotau!

Libertas, the Escape from Daegotau' is a multi-chapter campaign set in an Outer Realm called the Hadal Realm. Full of puzzles, history, new enemies, even a new class to play as: the Gunslinger, and some weird antics unlike anything in this world.

Criminals, delinquents, convicts, you have committed heinous acts against the state, our god, and your fellow people, which is why our Elder god, our dearest Daegotau has given you all a chance to never return home again, but not without a harrowing challenge and a perilous Journey. Will you dare to plunge into the abyss? Will you be able to save yourselves? Will you ever make it out? The grand palace may have locked you up, but the abyss that lays before you is more of a prison than Prezia could ever hope to be.

And you will be kindly guided by our newest Dungeon Master: Ovi 🧚🏼‍♀️ 

Happening every last Sunday of the month. Start time is 17:00 and end time is 20:00.

Sign up via the ticketlink.

Dungeons&Dragons @ The Hang Out 010
Social/CommunityGamingSocial Gathering
Sun 28/04
17:00 - 20:00
Secret location, The Netherlands

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