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Film: Movie: Liuben (2023)

In a Bulgarian mountain village, where prejudices are brewing, a summer romance begins between two boys from different worlds. Victor (27) has a good life in Madrid with his partner, Jose. He returns to his hometown in Bulgaria for his grandfather's funeral and decides to stay there for the summer. As he reconnects with his father and the village way of life, he unexpectedly finds love in the person of Liuben, an 18-year-old Roma boy. Despite their differences, and the conflicts surrounding them, Victor and Liuben find refuge in each other. Liuben is the first openly LGBTQA+ film from Bulgaria.

Venci Kostov | Bulgaria, Spain, 2023 | 109 mins | Bulgarian spoken

Film: Movie: Liuben (2023)
Sun 19/05
14:45 - 16:45
Filmhuis Den Haag, Den Haag

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