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Ontwerp Zonder Titel   2024 03 14 T111411.592

Future Intel x Kraft und Licht

On the 30th of March we embark on a sonic adventure as we team up once again Future Intel to celebrate the diverse future of electronic music at The Hague’s finest urban fringe. Join us at @pipdenhaag for an unforgettable night- if you’ve been to our sizzling hot get together last summer, you know what we’re talking about.

Dive into the night with the best local DJs @caim.mark
and the mind-bending sounds of @dj__wiggles and @amorsatyr .

Indulge yourself, push your musical boundaries, and revel in the vibrant beats. Secure your spot via link in bio, early birds are on sale now! We’re still basking in the radiant vibes of an unforgettable day at @der.hintergarten @kraft.und.licht outdoor festival! 🌿

In addition you can expect us to bring our custom lightshows and art to both rooms we host at De Pip. ✨

Future Intel x Kraft und Licht
Club/NightlifeElectronic Music
Sat 30/03
Sun 31/03
PIP Den Haag, Den Haag

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