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Gender Euphoria Party with Dito

Heya kings, queerns and themperors,

@ditonijmegen and G.A.G. have partnered up to bring you our ✨gender euphoria party!✨ This party is meant to celebrate you, your gender identity and your way of expressing that. If you haven’t been able to do that yet for any reason, this is the party for you!

The prospect of expressing yourself, and travelling in public, can be daunting. So to help out with this, we will have a dressing room available at the Roze Huis, just across the street from our party venue – @marcus_antonius_nijmegen ! The party will take place on 25 April, from 20.30 onwards.

If you have any questions or queeries, reach out to either Dito’s or G.A.G.’s board. We hope to see your fabulous selves there!

Much love,

The IncluC and Dito💟

Gender Euphoria Party with Dito
Club/NightlifeElectronic MusicPop & Eclectic Music
Thu 25/04
20:30 - 23:00
Marcus-Antonius Nijmegen, Nijmegen

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