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Golden Heel Battle Royale

Golden Heel All Stars at Blend XL

The first of two semi-finals featuring eight talented Queens competing for a chance to perform at the Main Stage of Pride Amsterdam. The first four contestants are Mary Jane Holland, Bok Choi Queen, Heather Skandal, and Pixxie Colada.

The audience will decide who advances to the grand final on July 23rd, so come support your favorite Queen and help her shine on the biggest stage of Pride Amsterdam!

About Bar Blend XL:

A spacious bar with weekly sexy & fun entertainment and great music.

We are open to all genders, in harmony and respect for all sexualities.A place to be seen and where you can be who you want to be. Glittery yet sober, groovy yet glamorous, gay oriented but open to everybody who can appreciate some good old sophistication, fashion and party time.

In a cozy atmosphere, you will enjoy your drinks, meet new people, see old friends in a stunning venue with a fun mix of music that will make your night a unique experience.

We accept reservation for special celebrations such as small birthday parties, or bigger events. For group reservations of minimum 8 people, parties and other events, please use the ticketlink if you need any extra information or want to make a reservation.

For smaller groups you don't need to book a table, you can come freely at any time at BLEND XL.

Golden Heel Battle Royale
Tue 09/07
21:30 - 01:00
Bar Blend XL, Amsterdam

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