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Guided tour: Queering the collection

There are many LGBTQA+ stories to discover in our collection! During this tour you will discover surprising stories and anecdotes behind our iconic paintings.

We not only look at LGBTQA+ stories through an (art) historical lens, but also provide space for contemporary LGBTQA+ perspectives. We do all this together with Haus of 4D, a drag family from Delft with a love for performances and pushing the boundaries of gender.

When – May 17, 18 and 19 at 12:00 and 14:00Cost – €4.25, excluding entrance to the museum. You must have a valid ticket yourself, which you can reserve here .Participants – Maximum 15 participants, gather in the foyer

About Haus of 4D

Haus of 4D was founded in 2022 by Sir Valentijn, Fluxx De'Luxx, Shezo Xztra and Ronika Nyx. Together they created space for experiments with gender and identity. Their performances are inspired by an eclectic collection of artistic works such as comic books and musicals.

They describe themselves as a group of neurodiverse nerds who share the joy of gender non-conforming expression with their audience. A colorful family full of  queer joy !

Pride The Hague

When you think of Pride you may not immediately think of the Mauritshuis. Yet there are plenty of LGBTQA+ stories in our collection. Consider, for example, our ceiling painting Apollo  , which had female and male partners. Or  Doctor Tulp  who became involved in a lawsuit by a  cross-dressing  lesbian.

How people think and talk about LGBTQA+ issues may have changed, but there is actually nothing new under the sun. We have always been there. During this Pride weekend from May 17 to 19, we will look at our collection in a refreshing way, through the lens of gender and sexuality.

Guided tour: Queering the collection
Sun 19/05
12:00 - 14:00
Mauritshuis, Den Haag

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