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Headrush Invites Damage

🖤 HEADRUSH Invites DAMAGE PARTY - The Pride Amsterdam edition! 🖤

Get ready for the next edition of Headrush: HEADRUSH Invites DAMAGE PARTY - Pride Amsterdam Edition on August 2nd, 2024 at Het Sieraad in Amsterdam!

HEADRUSH ROOM: Expect the best hard techno with our amazing line up! HEADRUSH - Queer. Techno. Rave.

DAMAGE ROOM: Get ready, Amsterdam – DAMAGE is back and fiercer than ever!

After making waves in cities across Europe, DAMAGE returns to Amsterdam with an electrifying vengeance!

DAMAGE offers the ultimate fusion of dance, cruising, and play, all under one roof. Picture international progressive house DJs igniting the dance floor until the early hours, accompanied by mesmerizing dancers and daring kinky performances. Need to let loose? Explore the designated cruising area where inhibitions are left at the door.

At DAMAGE, every fetish is not only welcome but celebrated. This is a sanctuary of self-expression, a queer safe space where consent is paramount.

Join us for an unforgettable collaboration as DAMAGE teams up with the legendary Queer Techno party, HEADRUSH, for a night of wild indulgence during Pride Amsterdam at Het Sieraad on Friday, August 2nd.

Headrush Invites Damage
Club/NightlifeElectronic MusicFetish & Erotic
Fri 02/08
Sat 03/08
Het Sieraad, Amsterdam

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