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Let's sing together! - Pride Amsterdam

Let's sing together! , workshop for ensemble-singing

A fun workshop where we'll sing together as a group and harmonize our queer voices!

Let's sing together!

Come join us during Pride Amsterdam at The Social Hub Amsterdam City for a fun-filled workshop where we'll be singing our hearts out together! Whether you're a seasoned singer or just love belting out tunes in the shower, this event is for you. Learn new harmonies, meet fellow music enthusiasts, and let your queer voice be heard in a supportive and LGBT+ friendly environment. Bring your love for music and get ready to make some beautiful melodies together! We hope for a colorful mix of queer voices.

The workshop will be led by classical singer and choir coach Nathan Tax ( & is organised by Galakoor, queer classics in Amsterdam.

Tickets are for free & a donation for our costs is welcome.

Let's sing together! - Pride Amsterdam
EducationalWorkshop/CraftsLive Music
Tue 30/07
19:30 - 21:00
The Social Hub - Amsterdam City, Amsterdam

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