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Milkshake Afterparty

For all who… can't get enough! On Saturday, 27th of July, Paradiso welcomes back the Milkshake family for the official Milkshake Afterparty. Hosted by Club Church and Free Willie, this night promises an unforgettable experience with a lineup featuring artists like Juliana X, Esther Dune, The Baptist, and many others.

Born from the thought ‘everything is possible’ Milkshake shows that entertainment, music choice, choice of clothing, and status have nothing to do with sexuality. Life is a party thanks to the great diversity of skin colours, body shapes, sexual preferences, and gender identities and that is what we’ll celebrate!

Milkshake Afterparty
Club/NightlifeElectronic MusicLive MusicPerformance
Sat 27/07
Sun 28/07
Paradiso, Amsterdam

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