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Pon Di Pride

Pon Di Pride returns to Melkweg! We reclaim the club with the most beautiful people, bootyshake on the floor and together we create a safe space for the like-minded and like-spirited BPOC LGBTQI+ community. And with this hot line up you know its gonna be a whole vibe!


Pon Di Pride keert terug naar Melkweg! We reclaimen de club met de allermooiste mensen, bootyshake on the floor en creeëren samen een safe space voor de likeminded en likespirited BPOC LGBTQI+ community. En met deze peperhete line up you know its gonna be a whole vibe!

Pon Di Pride
Club/NightlifeElectronic MusicPop & Eclectic Music
Sat 29/06
Sun 30/06
Melkweg, Amsterdam

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