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Premiere of ENTRADA

ENTRADA – I LIV'D AS BEFORE” is a piece of music for carillon and 20 brass instruments composed by Cristiano Melli, a Brazilian composer who currently lives in The Hague, and commissioned by the Carillon Den Haag Foundation in honor of 600 years of the tower of the Grote Kerk . It will be performed by Gijsbert Kok (carillon) and the trombone class of the Royal Conservatoire (under the direction of Sebastiaan Kemner). The work is part of a larger whole based on the lives of Leendert Hasenbosch (1695 – circa 1725) and Willem Arondeus (1894 – 1943) – two real Dutch figures. The title refers to a recurring sentence from the diary of homosexual Leendert, which compellingly unites queer existence throughout history.

Since it will be performed on the carillon, the work can be heard everywhere around the Grote Kerk of The Hague; however, those who want to enjoy a beautiful atmosphere are invited to come to the Nutstuin, just around the corner from the church.

Leendert Hasenbosch , a Dutch sailor from the 18th century, ended up on Ascension Island in 1725, for the “crime” of sodomy. Although his fate remains unclear, his diary, discovered by British sailors and later published, sheds light on his struggles and hallucinations, including encounters with a mysterious figure.Willem Arondéus , a Dutch artist and member of the resistance during World War II, faced execution for his involvement in a bomb attack targeting Nazi authorities. His courage and identity as an openly gay man mark an important intersection of LGBTQA+ history and wartime heroism in the Netherlands.

In an opera that merges both stories, Leendert and Willem's stories become intertwined across time and space, exploring themes of love, resistance and the human experience in the face of adversity. The performance culminates in a moving reflection on their legacy, inviting the audience to consider the echoes of their courage and sacrifice in contemporary society.ENTRADA – I LIV'D AS BEFORE is the “overture” for this opera, with the full premiere in the production phase.

Premiere of ENTRADA
Show/ConcertLive Music
Sat 18/05
16:00 - 16:45
Utility Garden, Den Haag

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