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Pride The Hague Brunch


We end the weekend with the final Pride Brunch on Sunday, a gathering aimed at both elderly and young people within the queer community. At Pride The Hague we recognize the invaluable contributions of queer elders, who were at the forefront of the achievements that the LGBTQA+ community now benefits from. At the same time, young people are now taking over. With the theme “Sharing Stories” we bring these two generations together in an interactive meeting that offers space for sharing experiences and stories, including a beautiful drag interpretation to celebrate the diversity of our community.

Be enchanted by drag performances that reflect the colorful creativity of our community, while enjoying a delicious brunch. Here not only food is shared, but also stories, laughter and moments of pure queer joy.

Pride The Hague Brunch
Social/CommunitySocial GatheringFood & CuisineCharity
Sun 19/05
13:00 - 16:00
The Social Hub - The Hague, Den Haag

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