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Queer Comedy Pride Show

Pride Show. Then at 8:30 PM there will be a great line-up of all queer comedians in the Paardcafé The Hague. These are:

  • Marie Koet
  • James Johnson
  • Celine Schrama
  • MC Soula Notos


Marie Koet, named one of the  comedy talents of 2024 by the Volkskrant. She graduated cum laude in philosophy, after which she completely   focused on comedy . She performed at Lowlands in 2023 with a solo performance and has already played double programs with Kim Schuddeboom and Daniël Arends, among others. Dagblad Trouw called her 'a queen of self-mockery'. Offstage, Marie wrote texts for  De Speld  and the satirical TV program Plakshot .


James Johnson is a gay man in his thirties who will probably get along very well with your grandmother, especially if she likes to drink gin and gossip about the neighbor. This Englishman has been described as 'witty, eccentric and with perfect pace'. James is an experienced stand-up  comedian  and astute storyteller who balances between the observational, the absurd and the somewhat dark.


The promising talent Céline Schrama was a finalist at the Leiden Cabaret Festival 2022 and won the student prize. Celine is always that person who goes a little too far in a conversation. Very uncomfortable and clumsy, except on stage. That awkwardness and clumsiness is her best weapon there. Her high joke density and self-mockery are her greatest asset; first make fun of themselves, and then... it's the audience's turn.


Soula Notos is a Greek-Dutch  comedian  from Utrecht. She has been on stage at home and abroad for more than 18 years. Strong facial expressions, unexpected twists and lots of interaction characterize her style. She appeared at the Utrecht International  Comedy  Festival, the International Luxembourg  Comedy  Festival and the Women in  Comedy  Festival in Manchester. She herself organized and presented several Super Queer  Comedy  Nights.

This Queer Comedy Pride Show was made possible by: Kristel Zweers, Queer aan Zee, Pride The Hague, Municipality of The Hague and 't Paardcafé.

Queer Comedy Pride Show
Show/ConcertCabaret & Comedy
Sat 18/05
20:30 - 22:00
Paardcafé, Den Haag

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