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Queer Drinks - Rotterdam

Are you a queer entrepreneur in the health or wealth industry? And have you been in business for a couple of years? Then this get-together is for you!

Freelancing can be a lonely business. While corporate jobs offer various social events, freelancers often find that traditional networking and lunches don’t quite fit our community. That’s why we are organizing a monthly VRIJMIBO to bring together queer entrepreneurs at our lovely studio in Rotterdam.

The 31st will be a trial run, and if we enjoy it, I will organize a monthly VRIJMIBO for queer entrepreneurs. Meet new queer people, discuss entrepreneurship, enjoy a glass of wine or a beer, network, or just chill after a long week. Bring a friend, partner(s), or other freelance buddies.

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Queer Drinks - Rotterdam
Fri 31/05
16:30 - 17:30
Workspot Rotterdam, Rotterdam

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