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Ontwerp Zonder Titel (18)

Queer Imagination

"Queerness is not yet here, the future is queerness domain." - Muñoz, José Esteban

In this meet-up we want to explore how queerness shapes our spaces and how it could inform our futures. The meet-up is for queer organisers / people active in queer nightlife / designers / futurists / artists / activists / academics & researchers. Or in general: people who are interested in leveraging the potential of queerness.

During this meet-up we’ll explore the principles of queer theory and its power to create alternate futures.

Through a series of exploratory activities we’ll discuss the following questions:

  • What is queerness?
  • How does queerness manifest itself in a space?
  • How can we expand the impact of queer spaces to generate social change?

This event is hosted by:

Eva (she/her): Designer and founder of studio Futurall. Through our work, we aim to bring diverse voices into decision-making, tell stories to drive collective action, and invite people to take ownership of change.

Lucy (They / Them): Lens based artist, photographer and curator of (queer) events, projects and exhibitions. With their experiences in the field and documentary photography they want to create more safe spaces and visibility for anyone that does not fit the norm and start conversations to stop us from polarizing.

TJ Rivera (he / him): Queer architect-in-training and theorist advocating for better integration of queer theories into design. Organiser of FOEF and contributor to Spatial Social Safety research.

Killian (he / him): Designer. Helping teams to build inclusive and creative solutions that reflect the full spectrum of society by applying queer theory to design.

Dorian (she / her): Queer organiser, social designer, trainer/facilitator in the cultural and creative sector. Helping creatives move from ideas to actions to (sustainable) organisations.

Eva (she/her): Architect, experience designer and organiser of FOEF. With her design and research studio ventura she is currently researching how user needs translate to spatial design in nightlife, discovering what Spatial Social Safety looks like.

This is the first gathering around the topic of queer imagination. We are interested in building a community of people and excited to put our collective queer imagination into action.

Location: Rotterdam (venue TBD)

Date: 8 May

Admission: free, limited spots available

Queer Imagination
EducationalSeminars & LecturesWorkshop/Crafts
Wed 08/05
19:00 - 21:00
.zip, Rotterdam

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