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Queer in Wonderland - The L Word Edition

Imagine yourself in a sunny Los Angeles of the 00', entering the magical atmosphere of The Planet..

The L Word edition will bring you back in time 💓🌚

On June 1st we will celebrate the legacy of the iconic lesbian show the L Word: heartbreaks, butch and femmes, fashion, music, queer drama, love charts.. 😍❤️‍🔥

A true piece of lesbian history and we're here to revive it. ✨Pick your character and put on your best (worst?) y2k outfit.🥵

tickets via the ticketlink 💋

🎶 Girls in tight dresses
who drag with mustaches
Chicks drivin' fast Ingenues with long lashes🎶

Queer in Wonderland - The L Word Edition
Club/NightlifeQueerElectronic MusicPop & Eclectic Music
Sat 01/06
Sun 02/06
EKKO, Utrecht

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