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Queer Meet-Up in the Boom Bar

After Sunday Night Live on 28 July, join us for a Queer Meet-Up in the bar!

It's a great opportunity to connect, share stories, and continue the laughter with our inclusive community.

Sunday Night Live is a comedy play with one performance. The comedy show unfolds in crazy directions as improvised threads weave themselves into something unique, surprising, and always funny. Sunday Night Live creates improv fans and many people come back every week. It’s the perfect end to your weekend!

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Sundays are Community NightsAfter the main performance, many Sundays have an extra show featuring students of the Boom Chicago Academy and great local comedians. Support the future generation of improvisers! You might be inspired to take classes yourself! 

Please note this show takes place in our Upstairs Theater, which is not wheelchair accessible.

Queer Meet-Up in the Boom Bar
Musical/TheaterCabaret & ComedyPerformance
Sun 28/07
21:00 - 22:30
Boom Chicago, Amsterdam

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