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Every odd week, we organize the Queer-Mi-Bo! Bring your classmates, colleagues, and friends for a drink to close out the week.


Elke oneven week organiseren wij de Queer-Mi-Bo! Neem je studiegenoten, collega's en vrienden mee voor een drankje om de week mee af te sluiten.

About COC

The COC was founded in Amsterdam in 1946. The COC is the oldest advocacy organization for LGBTI+ (abbreviation for lesbian women, homosexual men, bisexuals, transgenders and people with an intersex condition) in the world and is concerned with the emancipation, acceptance and integration of LGBTI+ people. The COC was founded in its current form in 1951 and originated from its predecessors. 

The name COC (Culture and Recreation Center) was a kind of pseudonym, because homosexuality was very difficult in the Netherlands after the Second World War. In the 1970s, royal approval was given and the name Dutch Association for the Integration of Homosexuality became COC. Since then, the association has increasingly focused on the outside world. 

COC Midden-Gelderland is one of the 20 regional associations that together form part of the COC Netherlands federation and has been active as an association since 1953. 

Bar/CaféSocial Gathering
Fri 05/07
19:00 - 22:00
De Kurk, Arnhem

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