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QueerCity - Decolonising Gender

During this edition of Queercity we are ready to deconstruct and abolish the binary view on gender. Get ready to heal and change preconceived ideas, to give space and recognition to the fluidity of gender identity. Expect personal stories, experiences of resistance, fluid performances and conversations with BIPOC trans & queer communities that have decided to celebrate and live their freedom.

Questions that we will discuss this evening are how do BIPOC Trans & Queer communities resist and fight against binaries? Can we let go and heal colonial ideas on gender? And how can we fully explore the fluidity of gender?

What is QueerCity

Queer City: Art and Conversations with Legends & Riots will be an interdisciplinary programme including cabaret, music, performance, spoken word, poetry and drag celebrating the queer community. The essence is simple and urgent: they are all queer.

In this year-long series, we want to give queer “rioters” and “legends” the stage and share queer art with a wider audience. By creating a “safer-space”, Fite Qlub aims to facilitate these artists and rioters in sharing their art as a form of resistance; wonder, celebration, and self-actualisation. 

Each programme is marked by an urgent theme related to the LGBTQI+ movement and consists of a performance and an in-depth component that both address the theme. In this way, QueerCity aims to provide space for different collectives and artists so that they can represent themselves in a full and dignified way. This application comes at a crucial time when, after much preparation, Fight Qlub has found a partnership with Pakhuis de Zwijger. In doing so, by working closely with Pakhuis de Zwijger, Fite Qlub hopes to reach a wider audience.

QueerCity - Decolonising Gender
Art/CultureSeminars & LecturesSocial Gathering
Fri 03/05
20:00 - 23:00
Pakhuis De Zwijger, Amsterdam

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