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Queerclub Kelder - Pride Groningen

Lorakel brings a unique blend of danceable and queer sounds, with a focus on intriguing rhythms. Her sets feature everything from Jersey club to dembow and baile funk, all with an industrial twist. She has found immense inspiration being in the UK ballroom scene and thanks to this community we can trust that the queer energy in her sets will now be stronger than ever. Lorakel's versatility has brought her to play at venues such as OOST, Grasnapolsky and Noorderzon. Next up, she'll be surprising the VERA Kelderbar during Queerclub Kelder with her eclectic mix of sounds.

MIKKL Is coming to town, yes queen slay the house down aunty mama I'm gagged! You might have seen her at events like Glitch and Club Queer Factory in Leeuwarden, now she’s ready to make Groningen dance and certainly sweat to percussive and mostly queer, electronic tunes. You never know what to expect with MIKKL but at Queerclub Kelder her set will probably contain some SOPHIE, LSDXOXO, and other queens like Charli XCX, Azealia Banks and COBRAH.

Queerclub Kelder - Pride Groningen
Club/NightlifeElectronic MusicPop & Eclectic Music
Fri 21/06
Sat 22/06
VERA Groningen, Groningen

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