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RADION Showcase: Lunchbox Candy


Last year this was a very special edition set up by the team of RADION and Orphic’s booker Thomas. Together we decided to continue this as a yearly event, because it brings the community closer and is an example of the warmth between RADION and Orphic and the love we have for the scene.

This event is separated into two parts; a lunch provided by people from the Orphic community, who will cook and share their dishes with all of you. And a club event starting from 15:00h. Tickets for the club event will grant you access to the lunch.

|| Community Lunch ||‍

The lunch is free of charge and is provided by people from the community. If you want to bring a dish please e-mail If the dish is confirmed you will get free access to the club event.

If you feel like you only want to attend the lunch please send them an e-mail on with your first and last name. They will make sure it’s possible to enter the lunch and leave afterwards.


At the entrance, a sticker will be placed on your phone’s camera. Please keep it on the camera until the end of the event. Taking photos (including selfies!) is not allowed.

Their photographer will be making digital memories and event impressions at this event. If you feel uncomfortable having your picture taken, please let us or them know.

|| 𝐒𝐀𝐅𝐄𝐓𝐘 ||‍

Before coming to Orphic please read their norms and values posts on Instagram. They can be found in their highlights.‍

Respect yourself and respect everyone else. Please be aware that your choices and actions have an effect on everyone present.

RADION Showcase: Lunchbox Candy
Club/NightlifeElectronic Music
Fri 12/07
Sat 13/07
Radion, Amsterdam

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