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Remembering Our First Times

Remembering Our First Times - an inimite evening of queer storytelling

As queer men we have had to cross many thresholds. Thresholds that perhaps took us time to cross. Thresholds that took us courage to navigate. Thresholds that we were perhaps not even ready to face and that oftentimes, having crossed, left little room for us to return from where we came.

Remembering Our First Times is an opportunity to reconnect with these thresholds and how they shaped our lives.

In cultures throughout the world, coming together to tell stories is an integral component of community life. Remembering Our First Times is an invitation to come together and to gather around a ‘queered camp fire’,. Through an intimate evening of queer storytelling we can share our personal stories of our first times, the thresholds we have crossed, and the journeys we have navigated to get us where we are now. The highs and lows and all in between. A connected moment of bonding through intimacy, through vulnerability, through honesty, sharing and listening.

Remembering Our First Times - a gentle space for queer healing.

Previous participant feedback

"It was a pleasure to be part of a new experience like this. Every time I attend a Maguey session I feel transformed."

"A cozy evening of connecting with each other through the shared experiences of our queerness… "

"Participating in Remembering Our First Times was incredibly special and cathartic. It was a chance to share and relive one of my life-changing queer experiences with a close group, in a setting that felt safe and supportive. The warmth and understanding from everyone there left me feeling inspired, humbled, and full of love from such a positive community we built that evening. Thank you for creating such a beautiful space for our queer community to come together to share such intimate stories."

Remembering Our First Times is in initiative by Nigel Pedlingham. Nigel is a guide, ceremony leader and space holder in service to the betterment and wellbeing of others, himself and the world around us. He is the founder of MAGUEY, a practice for healing and growth based in Amsterdam.

Remembering Our First Times
Social/CommunityStorytellingSocial Gathering
Mon 10/06
19:00 - 22:00
Amsterdam, Amsterdam

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