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Roi Soleil

Roi Soleil (Zonnekoning) - Alkmaar Pride

Roi Soleil (Sun King) creates "Frenglish pop with a touch of queer glitter." With a repertoire that explores (self)love, sexuality, and identity, the music ranges from danceable electropop to vulnerable power ballads.

Roi Soleil, an alter ego of Matthijs Rijsdijk, draws inspiration from the French king Louis XIV, also known as the Sun King. The music of Roi Soleil is a sweet lovechild of Stromae, Troye Sivan, Yelle, Lady Gaga, Christine and the Queens, and the Eurovision Song Contest. Bisous, le Roi Soleil. Previously, Roi Soleil was featured in a Winterkaravaan performance.

About the Creator Matthijs graduated from Codarts University for the Arts in Rotterdam and earned his Bachelor's degree in Language and Literature (French-Spanish) from the Free University of Brussels. Matthijs was one of the creators of Winterkaravaan 2021, the talent development project of Karavaan.


By: Matthijs Rijsdijk

Roi Soleil (Zonnekoning) - Alkmaar Pride
Musical/TheaterLive MusicPerformance
Sat 18/05
18:00 - 21:00
Victoriepark, Alkmaar

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