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Stemin @ Mascini Theater

Stemin @ Mascini Theater

Swiss-born and Italian-raised, Stemin is a singer, performer, and producer. His music uniquely blends pop, R&B, and soul, with deep jazz and gospel influences. Stemin is known for his electrifying performances. Get ready to embrace Stemin's bold, sensual pop music that celebrates queer empowerment and breaks free from traditional constraints, captivating listeners with its groovy rhythm, catchy hooks, and naughty lyrics.

"It's hard to label him, just like it's hard to put one sticker on his music: it's part pop, part electro, part soul and part R&B. But it's 100% Stemin and it's 100% a celebration of queer love." - WINQ

Listen to Stemin's music here

About Theater Mascini:

Mascini: Café-restaurant-theater, located at Zeedijk 24A, in the center. The theater seats 45 visitors and has a small stage - one drum set deep - with a fine, tuned Bechstein piano. The intimate atmosphere makes the space ideal for professional performances and small group try-outs.

Stemin @ Mascini Theater
Show/ConcertElectronic Music
Sat 14/09
20:30 - 22:00
Theater Mascini, Amsterdam

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