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S*x Positive Party - Couple Only Edition

Strict Dress Code: Kinky Fetish Attire.

Exact location announced 48h before the event only to the ticket holders

Open to All: Everyone is invited! Regardless of your gender or orientation, this is a space for all who share our respect for s*xual positivity.

Average age of visitors 28 years old

Shows and Artists: Prepare for exciting performances that will lift your spirits and broaden your entertainment horizons.

Unexpected Surprises: It's not just a party; it's an adventure into a world of pleasure and self-discovery. Minimum of 8+ international shows, performances and sensual practices included!

Be ready for surprises and fun!

See you soon!

Date: 28.06.2024 

New Format:

  • Only couples allowed inside the venue!
  • Single men can join the party only with a female companion (she can be a friend, not necessarily a girlfriend or wife).
  • Single women can join the party by purchasing only 1 ticket.


  • All orientations are welcomed, not only straight couples.

Dress Code:

  • Kinky Fetish Attire.

Visitor Information:

  • Average age of visitors: 28 years old.

Shows and Artists:

  • Live sex shows
  • Interactive performances
  • Experience stations
  • Local DJs


  • Be ready for surprises and fun!
  • Exact address provided only to ticket holders 48 hours before the event.

Why a COUPLES ONLY Edition in Amsterdam?

  • Due to requests from visitors, we are trying a couples-only format to enhance safety, respect, and the overall experience.


  • Can two gay men enter as a couple? Yes.
  • Can two lesbians enter as a couple? Yes.
  • Can two trans people who are dating enter? Yes.
  • Can two non-binary people enter if they identify as a couple? Yes.
  • Can a single girl join? Yes, she needs to buy 1 ticket.
  • Can a single man join? No.

How to Join:

  • Buy your ticket on Eventbrite, and we will contact you via email with further details.
S*x Positive Party - Couple Only Edition
Social/CommunityFetish & EroticSocial GatheringPerformance
Fri 28/06
22:00 - 23:30
Secret location, The Netherlands

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