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The Good Girls Club - Queensday

The Good Girls Club, an event where young talent and a good time are centre stage. The ‘club’ always represents an all female line-up without specifically mentioning this upfront. Our sound varies from disco up to house and everything in between. The tunes are always diverse with the purpose of being danceable to make sure that the crowd has an amazing time.

The ladies from The Good Girls Club have several sold-out successes to their name with solid residences in cities as Utrecht and Haarlem and a yearly huge outdoor celebratory edition for Kingsday.

Does this sound like a bit of you? Come and join our club.


Inmiddels hebben de meiden van The Good Girls Club al vele (uitverkochte) successen op hun naam staan en hebben zij vaste residenties in zowel Utrecht als Haarlem met ook elk jaar een grote outdoor editie op koningsdag.

Come and join our club!

The Good Girls Club - Queensday
Outdoor EventElectronic Music
Sat 27/04
14:00 - 23:00
Brasserie van Beinum, Haarlem

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