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Vogue Advance

Vogue is a style that has been around the late 70s and early 80s. The dance arose in the underground ‘ballroom-scene’. At these ‘balls’ the black and Latinx LGBTQ-community came together in New York to battle each other in different categories. One of those categories was vogue.

The dancers found their inspiration through fashion magazines and copied the poses of the models to the beat of house music. Vogue transformed because of influences of music that was getting faster and because of dancers with a different (mostly classical) background discovered the style.Artists like Madonna and documentaries like ‘Paris is Burning’ introduced this style to a bigger audience.


The classes are € 7,- each. When you take a subscribtion it will cost you € 50,00 each block. A subscription consists of “blocks” from 10 classweeks and you can cancel it after a minimum of 1 block.Besides our regular subscription we also have the next option: our Fierce Package. With this subscription it’s possible to take two classes: vogue foundation combined waacking/vogue advanced (or vogue advanced combined waacking), for € 75,- per block.Would you like to take all three of them? Then we recommend you to take the Fierce Package combined the subscription “Dansles 1x in de week” (one dance class a week).With our subscriptions it is not possible to catch up a missed class.


In the advanced class you will be prepped to walk a ‘ball‘ and you will delve deeper into the different aspects of the ‘ballroom culture‘. You are going to use the basic elements, which you learned in the foundation class, in an improvisational/freestyle setting.The class includes the following subjects and more:

  • Getting your Tens
  • Battles / Interaction on the ‘runway’
  • Non-performance categories (Realness, Face, Body etc.)

More info via the ticket link

Vogue Advance
Mon 05/08
19:00 - 20:30
DYNAMO, Eindhoven

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