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Wtf Improv (2)

WTF special guest: Queer Organizations

WTF Improv

Boom Chicago has been amazing audiences with our comedy for 30 years, and now we’re taking it to the next level. WTF Improv is about people in the audience, inspired by live interviews. Want to be in the show? You can!

We ask the questions. People answer them. Then we make up original characters, scenes and even songs about audience members, their friends and their life. Right on the spot! WTF! It’s unbelievable how hysterical this show is!

Everyone has stories and this show is crazy funny no matter who we choose. But if it’s you, your friend (or your boss), then we will blow your mind.

No one HAS to participate, but we will guarantee a slot in the show for three people who choose to. Bring a group of at least six people and send us an email to to guarantee a spot in the show. Other people will be selected on the night.

Please note this show takes place in our Upstairs Theater, which is not wheelchair accessible.

WTF special guest: Queer Organizations
Musical/TheaterCabaret & ComedyPerformance
Wed 31/07
20:00 - 21:30
Boom Chicago, Amsterdam

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